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    offering exceptional and bespoke
    game shooting opportunities
    throughout the Isle of Wight
  • Driven partridges
    High driven pheasants
    Mixed partridge and pheasant
    Walked up and duck flighting
  • Bespoke packages
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    Vast experience of Island shoots

Isle of Wight Game Shooting

    The Beauchamp Sporting Agency team have longstanding connections with many of the exceptional game shoots on the Isle of Wight , offering the full variety of game shooting on across the 40 or so games shoots located on the Island, including:

    Driven partridge
    High driven pheasants
    Mixed partridge and pheasant
    Walked up
    Duck flighting

We can arrange any day to suit you and your budget. Teams of guns, smaller groups or single gun days for individuals can be sourced. You let us take care of everything as we offer bespoke packages which include all travel and accommodation so all you have to do is look forward to your day and not worry about the organisation and detail as we will cover every base.

On Peg Tuition and Loaders

    Having someone at your peg that is experienced and knowledgeable to ask ‘where did I go wrong?’  is a huge advantage and one that really makes a difference on a game day.

    There are many factors, which need to be taken into consideration whilst shooting game, apart from the obvious safety factors, there is selection of correct bird, speeds and height of bird, technique, mount and attitude. 

    As a result of this, many game shooters never reach their full potential in the field, which is why we offer the chance for you to take our shooting instructors into the field with you on a game day.

    Having a dedicated instructor provides peace of mind and can improve overall enjoyment of your day/season. Our coach's will also happily double up as a loader for your day if required. 

    From £100 per day

    If you are looking to make the most of your game day on the Isle of Wight we will happily provide you with an experienced loader, from £80 per day

Simulated Game Days

Whether you are a true game shot looking for a closed season/pre-season practice or a clay shot looking for a new challenge, our simulated game shooting days and packages tick all the boxes.

We use state of the art oscillating automatic traps, hydraulic platforms and remote technology. This combined with our many years of experience within the clay and game shooting arenas guarantees simulated game shooting at its very best.

Irrespective of what sort of land we are on, we will make the very most of the topography as we pride ourselves on replicating how a partridge or pheasant will present itself . From extreme high driven birds, long crossers to flat, fast partridge and curling birds, you will get to have a shot at them all. 

You would expect to fire between 250-750 cartridges throughout the course of one our days. Most days would include 4-6 drives, a minimum of 4000 clays based on 10 guns along with lunch and refreshments. 

The complete game shooting experience...

With over 80 years combined experience of game shooting on the Isle of Wight, the Beauchamp Sporting Agency team are confident of ensuring you will enjoy the very best game shooting that the Island has to offer. .

Available days for 2018/19

Below are the days that are currently available, new days will be added once we confirm availability. For further information and availability on each day, please call Dan Bishop on 07501 272123 or 01983 521268.

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